Closing Remarks

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Closing remarks

"Emergency Response to a Smallpox Attack: The Case for Mass Vaccination" by Edward H. Kaplan, David L. Craft, and Lawrence M. Wein demonstrates that Mass Vaccination leads to many fewer deaths than Trace Vaccination over a large range of parameter possibilities. Here, we've reimplemented their model using this discrete agent-based simulator. Our model confirms the basic results of the paper, and offers a real-time demonstration of how the spread of Smallpox progresses under a variety of conditions.

Using this construction, the effectiveness of many different vaccination strategies can be tested. This tutorial presents only a small fraction of the experiments that can be performed using this model. To perform further analysis, load a "Smallpox Attack" society into the main console, where all model parameters can be controlled (as production functions and global variables.) Please read the technical appendix that follows for details of what different parameters represent.

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