Comparison of the Two Edge Scenarios

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Running a Mass Vaccination Scenario

Note: in order to run the simulation referred to in this slide, go here, to the Java Applet version. You will be directed to download the latest version of the Java plug-in.

On this slide, we have set up the same model again, except this time the society is configured to simulate a Mass Vaccination scenario. In other words, when time t = 5 days, the entire untraced population of the city (segments S0, I01 - I03) are transferred to the vaccination queue (segments Q0 - Q3).

Press "Go" to run the society for 3 days at a time.

The first 15 days are the most eventful: during the first 5, smallpox spreads through the society unchecked; After this, mass vaccination starts, and the spread of infection slows down. At 15 days, the entire city has been vaccinated. The disease dies off exponentially within the next 100 days.

A reminder of which agents correspond to which segments of the population:

S0 : susceptible, not traced
S1 : susceptible, traced
I01 : infected, not traced, first stage of the disease
I02 : infected, not traced, second stage of the disease
I03 : infected, not traced, third stage of the disease
I04 : infected, not traced, fourth stage of the disease
Q0 : in queue, susceptible
Q1 : in queue, infected, first stage
Q2 : in queue, infected, second stage
Q3 : in queue, infected, third stage
I11 : infected, traced, first stage
I12 : infected, traced, second stage
I13 : infected, traced, third stage
I14 : infected, traced, fourth stage
H : quarantined, infected
Z : immune
D : dead

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