A Simple Model of Increasing Access

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Increasing Access With Limited Rationality

Note: in order to run the simulation referred to in this slide, go here, to the Java Applet version. You will be directed to download the latest version of the Java plug-in.

We now suppose that agents are constrained by finite time and rationality to only connect to a certain number of partners at a time. We can envision that agents have a limited number of channels through which they can communicate. We call the number of connections an agent can form her channel count.

For the time being, we simply suppose that an agent prefers to connect to similar agents. Thus, if an agent must choose between several connections that she could form, she will first select a partner of the same type.

Given this refinement, we will repeat the previous experiment. To the left is another society like the last one, except this time there is also a box in which you can enter the channel count. With a low channel count (between 2 and 5), enter various numbers for the access and see how this affects the Index of Balkanized Affiliation. Again, pressing "Go" will connect the society.

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