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Information Growth & Diffusion Simulator
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, Eddie Gomez
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The INDIGO project is constantly under development. We welcome anyone interested to join us and participate in this process. There's always a plethora of projects that need to be accomplished from new program modules to debugging and documentation.

INDIGO is available under a modified open source license. This license features

  • A year-long commercial period during which contributing developers can exercise proprietary rights on their updates.
  • A further open source period, under which modifications must be disclosed under a traditional open source license (Mozilla).

Please contact for details.

The INDIGO developer site is currently "in the oven." Shortly, source code will be available via CVS and we are currently investigating options for issue tracking. In the meantime, updates must be handled via email. Please contact our with ideas, bugs, updates, and tutorials, or questions. Note that updates that are posted to this website revert automatically to the Mozilla license.

In addition to program enhancement, we also work to create new tutorials in the INDIGO system, based on seminal information-related papers. We welcome both new tutorials (which are very simple to write), as well as suggestions of research to be translated into tutorial format. Tutorials provide a visual and hands-on approach to communicating difficult ideas.

Current Projects:

  • Currently, the INDIGO user builds her simulations with the help of a special language we called MiniScheme. We are working on switching over to the more intuitive and better known syntax of Java. Since INDIGO itself is also written in Java, such a transition will make the program more seamless and efficient in many ways.
  • The help system is very out of date and we will soon undertake a massive cleanup.
  • Parts of the documentation are very outdated. We are looking to spend a long time fixing this to facilitate future improvements.
  • INDIGO currently has very limited data input capability. We wish to implement an effective system for reading delimited text files.
  • In addition to representing individual actors, agents are often used as evironmental variables. We are in the process of designing extra support for environmental agents.
  • We wish to implement support for agent birth/death as a step towards supporting genetic algorithms.