Running Information Growth and Diffusion Simulator

Java Web Start: Main Application

INDIGO is now available via Java WebStart (JWS). This platform allows for improved software portability and enhanced security features. With JWS, INDIGO can safely and easily be made available offline. If you have not already installed JWS, the link below will direct you to the installation page.

If you are viewing this page with Netscape 6.0 or have JavaScript disabled, you will be unable to see the link below. Instead, please click here.


Once you have INDIGO running, you may download and open the jar file which contains several educational tutorials. To do that, follow the link below, and download the INDIGOtutorials.jar file, carefully noting the local directory where you place it. Then, go to the open INDIGO console, and pick 'Open Tutorial Jar File' from the Tutorial Menu. After you locate and open the jar file, all the available tutorials will appear in the Tutorial Menu next time you select it.


INDIGO continues to be available as an applet. Due to features of security policy, this method requires Java Plugin version 1.4. The most recent Plug-in can be downloaded from the Sun website. The link below takes you to a page with the applet embedded.


If you have Java JRE installed on your machine, you can directly execute the INDIGO jar file, which is available for download here. This method is primarily of interest to developers who wish to alter the INDIGO source.

If you have questions, comments please contact for research inquiries and for web related issues.